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Stephanie Jeannot is a sensational singer, performer, songwriter, and musician best known for her mesmerizing mezzo-soprano which is accompanied by an incredible vocal range.





























Stephanie is an energetic performer who has performed alongside ace industry acts such as the New Rochelle Jazz Orchestra, Bassist Kim Clarke, Composer Rachiim Sahu, Lenny Underwood of Unlimited Touch, the Kazan Philharmonic Orchestra, and songwriter Fred McFarlane.

Besides Stephanie’s signature soprano, her music is timeless, highly-listenable, and usually reflects her deep understanding of the music times. Although her vocal style has been likened to the likes of Alicia keys, Sarah Vaughan, she brings a peculiar wealth of diversity in her style as well as a unique vocabulary.

Stephanie has performed across multiple big platforms especially jazz festivals across the globe. She is delighted to be a part of such captivating and creatively challenging times in the music sphere.

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